How does DXM leverage data more effectively to help solve your marketing challenges?

DXM has developed a proprietary suite of products on the platform,
each specifically designed to enhance and optimize specific marketing accountabilities including segmentation,
market potential analysis, engagement, acquisition and retention, and measuring ROI.


Enhanced Segmentation

Leveraging our database of 260+ million customers and 800 demographic variables, custom predictive models are created from existing customer files to identify prospects individually scored based on purchase and loyalty propensity.


Enhanced Opportunity Assessment

Performance data is combined with modeled prospect audiences where variables are correlated to help determine marketing spend allocation all the way down to the household level. Our geospatial division, Spatial Insights analyzes and visualizes geographic performance opportunity at the DMA, regional or state level.


Enhanced Messaging

Modeled audiences are connected to their anonymized online identity and where unique behaviors are identified based on activity on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, connected TV and other digital devices over the past 30 to 90 days. These behaviors help inform insights to inform content strategies and tactics and target segments likelihood to engage.


Enhanced 1:1 Channels

XactEngagement takes direct marketing beyond mail and email, offering the ability to communicate 1:1 in mail, display, addressable TV, social, search PPC and Adwords as well. By onboarding prospect models into the marketing cloud, ads can be served directly to your target audience right when the identified intent-to-purchase triggers occur. This eliminates waste and makes buys more efficient.


Enhanced Measurement to Include ROI

This is not a last-click, last-touch, or algorithmic attribution. It’s based on actual sales or leads – not surrogate or proxy digital conversions – so it provides a true estimate of ROI. Client’s customer files are matched to an exposure file to show which customers were exposed to a specific campaign and compared against a randomly-selected control group held out to estimate a true conversion rate for each specific medium.

How Our Knowledge Platform Works

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About Us

DXM is an award-winning insights company that leverages unique consumer knowledge to inform business strategy and provide a quantifiable ROI on marketing spend. Through preferred partnerships, DXM clients get affordable access to platforms offering the most data available on individual customers and their digital behavior. This lets them see what consumers actually do, what influences them and what ultimately leads them to buy. Our proprietary methodologies are designed to impact the entire marketing spectrum, including segmentation, market potential, consumer engagement, acquisition and retention. Established in 2001, DXM has offices in Greenville, SC and Savannah, GA.
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