Scott Scordas

SVP, Business Development

Scott has thrived in a 30+ year career in “All Things” Direct Marketing having worked in Operations, Agency and Business Development Roles.  His focus has been with solutions that drive new customer acquisition.  He has led and been part of teams that have supported growth for brands such as Hyatt Hotels, Merrill Lynch, Continental Airlines, MCI Telecom, Sony PlayStation, Bluegreen and World Vision while at Rapp Collins and Bank of America.  At Rapp Collins Scott was VP of an Enterprise Team that executed acquisition programs for Omnicom clients in the direct mail space.  Scott was part of pioneering teams that were on the front end of cobranded credit card marketing in supporting the launch of the LL Bean branded credit card and the MBNA Platinum Card; projects that required significant branding and legal considerations since they were “first generation” programs. 

 Scott has worked in the acquisition email and digital space for over 6 years while never leaving behind his roots in direct mail marketing and analytics.  He has run his own company for over 15 years before joining the DX team and his unique understanding of traditional direct marketing and emerging digital solutions has afforded Scott the ability to introduce impactful digital solutions to traditional direct mail marketers.  Scott was able to introduce and execute digital solutions for a top 10 Direct Mail marketing company that saw their flat digital reseller sales of $500,000 grow to over $6,000,000 with a 2 year period.

 A graduate of James Madison University Scott enjoys social time with friends, travel, outdoor activities and hanging with his dog Emmitt… of Emmitt available upon request.