Ross Owens

Location Intelligence Specialist

A key solution that DXM provides is our ability to leverage location intelligence in direct marketing strategies through geospatial data integration and visualizations. With that said, Ross is the man behind the maps. While leading all GIS-oriented DXM projects, he also runs operations for Spatial Insights, our geospatial division, by handling all inbound sales and account management for location-based data and software. Ross is disciplined in geospatial applications of natural resources through his studies at Colorado State University where he built a foundation of conceptual knowledge and technical GIS experience. With that, he continues to refine and advance geospatial analytics and visualizations for DXM’s market potential, site selection, and performance measurement.

Ross has a passion for plant-based cuisine and food fermentation. If he isn’t whipping up a tofu stir-fry or burping his newest batch of sauerkraut, he’s re-watching The Office for the 14th time and enjoying a crisp grapefruit White Claw.