Ray Owens


Working as a part-time bartender while in college, Ray spent one evening listening to a customer bemoan his company’s accounting system. The next day, Ray presented him a spreadsheet that saved him literally weeks of work. Mind you, this was before the days of spreadsheet programs like VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3, let alone today’s standard of Excel.

A natural-born problem solver, Ray recognized long ago the direct connection between deeper insights and effective results. Eager to adopt new technology trends and always seeking a better way forward, Ray has masterfully transitioned DXM from the analog direct mail company he established in 1983 to one of today’s most revolutionary digital insights firms. Today, DXM maintains the enviable position of having one of the largest tandems of offline and online data available.

Whether it’s location intelligence, customer acquisition, or large-scale predictive analytics, Ray has covered the consumer insights spectrum for practically every industry sector, particularly retail, healthcare, restaurant and hospitality, real estate, and financial services. His ability to make complex data and technology platforms easy to understand also makes him a popular speaker at marketing and data conferences around the country.

Ray’s high-spirited nature is fueled by a lifelong passion for music. A certified Beatle-maniac, his office is filled with memorabilia from the Fabulous Four. When he’s not at work or at home with his wife and six kids, you can bet that he’s catching a show at some nearby (or faraway) venue. Life lived fully. For Ray, it’s not simply the better way, it’s the only way.