Melissa Goodwin

VP, Director, Consumer Insights

Success in marketing hinges on many factors but one requirement necessary for all ad pros is a burning need to seek, know, understand, and fulfill. All four of those traits drive Melissa and explain why she’s most at home buried among piles of consumer surveys, data sets, and spreadsheets – working to help clients make sense of piles of numbers, and how they should use them strategically to inform their most critical marketing decisions. She thrives on every “A-ha!” moment – each of which can be better than a bottle of her favorite Cabernet, and certainly worthy of one every time it happens.

When Melissa’s not crunching numbers you can find her adventuring, surfing, or maybe even at the Sundance Film Festival. If you don’t see her there she might be tending to her other passions – a personal and home styling business and a blog, both of which provide her a vital creative outlet.