Matt Owens

Data & Insights Manager

If you read our blog you know that at the heart of every DXM solution lies a lock-tight target prospect file. Leading the charge on this is Data & Insights Manager Matt Owens. Using a trained eye, Matt never ceases to amaze us with his ability to extract the most unique customer attributes in order to build a perfect look-alike prospect model.  Whereas most others merely scratch the surface of demographic and psychographic variables, Matt bores a tunnel to get to the essence of client customers and their online behaviors. And because he studied database management as a student at Florida Atlantic University, he has helped build a seamless bridge between DXM’s insights and database departments, improving the speed and efficiency of our core services.


Having grown up in Florida with a surfboard under his feet, Matt has an affable smile and easy-going personality that puts everyone around him at ease. It’s only fitting that the guy with all heart lies at the heart of our services at DXM.