Jerry Gearding

SVP, Chief Technology Officer

Jerry is a technology evangelist and change agent who designs and implements best of class digital marketing, database and cloud technology solutions for DXM. The architect of our prodigious marketing analytics data warehouse containing over 260 million consumer-based records with over 800 individual attributes, Jerry is like a conductor orchestrating a symphony of advanced data, cloud and analytics tools to bring forth deep, rich consumer insight. In addition to data warehousing, Jerry helps implement customer/lookalike audience profiling and a hyper-targeted digital campaign management platform through Oracle Marketing Cloud technologies (Datalogix, BlueKai DMP) and our DSP partners.

A master of his craft, Jerry is a frequent speaker at technology and data conferences. He has helped beta test some of the world’s most advanced autonomous and marketing cloud databases, and he keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest technologies in a never-ending quest to produce optimal results for our clients.