Chrissy Goble

Director of Data & Digital Traffic

For work to move at the speed of light, you need someone with the mad org skills of Chrissy Goble to ensure its accuracy and timeliness. As Director of Data and Digital Traffic, Chrissy is responsible for ensuring that all projects stay on track from conception to completion. That means ensuring internal deadlines are met every step of the way and maintaining fluid communications with our external partners and suppliers. She’s our task master, but she does it with such a convivial attitude, it almost makes meeting tight deadlines feel like a walk in the park. Almost. 😏

 By her youthful looks and jovial spirit, you would never guess that Chrissy is one of our longest-tenured employees. She started at DXM in 2003 as a receptionist and since then, this Jill-of-all-trades has touched every major facet of our business, including accounting, customer service, account management, and direct mail. In fact, in addition to her digital trafficking duties, she also manages strategy for all direct mail campaigns and their match back analysis.

 Instantly likeable, Chrissy has a wide circle of friends, but the biggest piece of her heart belongs to her two adorable dogs Maggie, a 4-lb. Chihuahua, and Jessie, a 70-lb. German Shepherd. We suspect much of the reason she’s able to keep our workflow running so efficiently is by all the practice she gets at home keeping her motley, but cuddly, crew of two under control and out of trouble.