Chris Olliff

SVP, Business Development

Things would be different if every business had the same marketing challenges. Solutions would go viral and before you know it, marketing executives would be taking three-martini lunches and clocking out at 5pm sharp every day. But the reality is that no two marketing challenges are alike, which suits Chris Olliff just fine. He thrives on using data and consumer insights to help marketers navigate some of their most complex and perplexing consumer acquisition and retention dilemmas.

 Chris earned his chops as a solutions provider while working for some of the most reputable firms in the business, including Kantar Consulting (formerly Yankelovich), FGI Research and Harris Interactive. Applying his knowledge across a wide range of industry verticals – including automotive, utilities, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and higher education – has helped him develop a knack for quickly drilling down to the essence of a problem with extreme efficiency.

 Of course, speed is built into Chris’s DNA. In his off time, Chris loves anything to do with cars and running. That, along with a healthy respect for coffee, keeps him revved up and rarin’ to go!