Less than an hour into this year’s OpenWorld conference it was clear the buzz and discussion were focused on Oracle’s rollout of its cloud based, self-driving Autonomous Database.   The purpose being to allow companies to have access to enterprise level database capabilities with more automation, cost efficiency – and ease of use than ever seen before. 

I liken it to Tesla in the cloud but obviously appealing to data centric business needs – with live examples coming from startup companies to existing mature brands.  There were multiple sessions from seemingly every business vertical including banking, CPG, apparel, education, news outlets and dozens more that spoke to some facet of this new product offering from Oracle.

We at DX Marketing also participated in several sessions having tested and launched this same Autonomous Database product last year in mid-2018.  We shared our perspective on not only the database product itself – but the impressive built-in ability to apply machine learning algorithms to various datasets we analyze on behalf of our many clients. 

User-Friendly Machine Learning

While the Autonomous Database makes it easy to construct and house massive amounts of data without the need for a traditional database administrator (DBA) – its more impressive features include the ability to use high level machine learning techniques in a more user-friendly way.  Pre-built algorithms that allow our data analysts to reveal correlations and underlying insights that propel our client’s marketing programs to new and better heights.

Referencing our move to Autonomous Database in just the past year we were able to discuss how integrating machine learning processes into our marketing programs improved results with many of our current customers. 

These included business verticals such as healthcare, telecom, real estate and retail as a start – with automotive and education also adding to the mix.  While most companies presenting at OpenWorld this year focused on their singular brand and use case example – we were able to expand and share multiple verticals from our recent beginning on Oracle’s newest database platform.  

The Key to Effective Machine Learning

The key to effective use of machine learning is to have some idea of what business problem – or objective – you’re trying to solve no matter how simple or complex.  Fighting for their compressed trade area – the urgent care provider might ask – what is the optimal distance from my clinic to gain the best marketing return on investment of dollars spent? 

For telecom – what customer attributes contribute to the best mix of factors that help determine their ability to meet monthly payment obligations?  For short term/line of credit loans – what factors or events contribute to the need for funding?  It’s not just looking for the search term – it’s backing up and creating ways to identify insights that align with your product or service.  By utilizing machine learning techniques – especially in the marketing world – gives us the ability to sort through prodigious amounts of campaign, transactional, demographic, geo-spatial and other datasets for better insights that ultimately benefit our client’s business needs.