Check out our newest playlist on Spotify to help you get through the Month! This month’s playlist is brought to you by Dan Crane, Senior Vice President, Business Development.

In Dan’s words on his love for music, “I worked my way through college as a DJ at a local hometown radio station in WV — super powerful, 1000 watts daytime-only station whose signal could be received from “blocks” around!! Fortunately, minimum wage and college tuition were positively correlated so … it worked out. As you can tell from many of the songs in my playlist, my musical tastes were heavily influenced by an early Motown indoctrination from my older brothers and sisters. I am truly a “soul man” with a lot of ’70s support. Following college, with my marketing degree in-hand, I left the glamorous world as a famous radio personality to an even more glamorous world as a marketing professional.”