I’m excited to share that DXM’s analytics journey is now featured on Destination:Insight

We’re a 27-year-old marketing company, and about 4-5 years ago, we began leveraging our clients’ data in the digital space. We built large data warehouses to help our clients track their marketing techniques’ performance and grow their business. 

Machine Learning Makes the Difference

While in the past, marketing was seen as an art, today we can home in on multi-touch attribution metrics and conversion metrics to ensure effective strategies. 

Using predictive models, we build audiences that we push for engagement in the digital space. Using a database and advanced analytics, we can make sense of the data that returns to us, including transaction data, impression data, and log data.

Seeing ROI with Analytics

We’ve seen a lot of returns since innovating our analytics. The cost of acquisition per customer is an important KPI and it has decreased by half. Where 80% of companies find it challenging to attribute ROI to their marketing spending, we are able to give our clients much-needed visibility into their ROI. 

When the digital space was firing up, companies captured their impression data and cost of click data, but today, the majority of people are click averse. So, we built a platform that doesn’t just measure people’s clicks, but also measures their behaviors and intentions. Now, we don’t just measure whether they click, share, or like — but whether they actually convert into customers. 

Because we can now track our audience’s behavior, we can truly understand the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing spending. As a result, our clients are confident about spending more because they can extrapolate findings and scale at a higher rate. 

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