With digital campaigns clicking on all cylinders at DXM, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Lauren Oliver to Vice President of Digital Services.

Since joining DXM a year ago, Lauren has helped raise the bar on developing digital campaign strategies across our entire client portfolio. Her expertise in campaign analysis and reporting, as well as data analytics and modeling, has yielded overall improvements in campaign results and intensified the tight alignment between our internal digital and data teams.

“Lauren has been a key contributor to our growing digital business,” says DXM President Ray Owens. “Her depth of experience in digital marketing and research brings a new level of sophistication to our processes, which produces greater cost efficiencies for our customers. We are thrilled to have her lead this important area of our business.”

Lauren has nearly 12 years of experience in digital media and marketing, the first seven of which were spent at media research giant Nielsen. She joined Nielsen as a Process Owner in the media research division before becoming a Marketing Analyst in the global marketing and communications division. She then spent three years as Digital Media Manager at Infinity Marketing in Greenville, SC until coming to DXM.

Congratulations, Lauren. We couldn’t be happier for your success!