This week, DXM CEO Ray Owens had the pleasure of sitting down with the hosts of The Undeniable, a podcast focused on uncovering new truths transforming sales and marketing. This episode is the first of a two-part interview titled “The Rules of Engagement” where Ray is asked to share insight about how data-driven marketing is changing the way marketers identify, reach and engage audiences.

Part I covers three primary topics: privacy, platforms and process. Drawing on information he has learned by staying at the forefront of data marketing matters, Ray clears up misconceptions about data privacy and platform accessibility. (Spoiler … growing businesses can afford enterprise-level data and DMPs!). He also breaks down the process for successful customer acquisition in 5 simple steps.  

If you’re a marketer looking for help with customer engagement and improving your return on marketing investment,  tune in here for Part I of “The Rules of Engagement,” and be sure to subscribe to “The Undeniable” podcast so you’re sure to catch Part II of this interview series.