With over 20 years of agency experience, Lisa Owens has worked with national and regional healthcare, retail, and luxury real estate development brands.

At DX, we like to describe Lisa’s role as being the clients’ best friend. By working closely with them to gauge both their product and the potential paths to market for it, she is engaged at all points and pathways of project management and business development – from conception to completion. We thought we would sit down with her today and ask her some questions.

Tell us the story of how your parents picked your name.

My mom and dad loved the song “Mona Lisa” sung by Nat King Cole. I guess a lot of folks liked that song as by the time I was born Lisa was becoming a very popular name and was the 5th most popular between 1960 and 1974.

Favorite thing about your job?

While it shouldn’t be my favorite thing, I love trouble shooting whether it’s about writing a client strategy or just getting everyone on a new traffic system. Of course I’m no hero to anybody on the other end of my marching orders.

What was your dream job when you were younger?

My dream job was to be an artist living in a loft with skylights where lots of sun could beam down as I worked. However after spending a year behind the desk as a graphic designer, sitting in a room all alone, most of the time drawing, I quickly decided I needed to be with people.

Song you can’t get out of your head currently?

I recently saw Sing and can’t get out of my head Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry about a Thing.” It just makes you happy.

What’s your favorite sandwich/cocktail/sweet treat?

I’ve just recently acquired a taste for whisky, but I mean really good whisky just on the rocks or in a Manhattan or Hot Toddy.

If I could tell my 19 year old self anything it would be…

Believe in yourself, you’re smarter than you think and don’t be intimidated by anyone.

Words you live by?

Just smile. It will make a bad day better and a good day great.