Alex Couch, our pre-press expert loves movies, dogs, wine & cheese.

She is a bubbly spirit who spent hours determining her aura to no real avail. She is a vital part of our team and we are happy to share six questions with Alex today so you can see some of her spirit!

Tell us the story of how your parents picked your name.

My older sisters were “A” names: Amber and Autumn, and they decided they liked “Alexandra” to add to the tradition.

Favorite thing about your job?

Learning Photoshop has so many perks! I love that I can digitally fix someone’s insecurity to give them a photo they love. I’m my best client.

Song you can’t get out of your head currently? OR favorite song of all time?

“SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)” is a bad lip reading song featuring Yoda from Star Wars that is so catchy and hilarious.

What’s your favorite sandwich/cocktail/sweet treat?

Grilled Cheese! I have two versions- The Trashy: velveeta and mayo on white bread, and The Classy: brie, pears, and sage on sourdough.

If I could tell my 19 year old self anything, it would be….

Those classes you’re stressing over aren’t going to be what you remember about college: Just the amazing memories and adventures you’re about to make with your friends. Oh, and don’t give up on that guy you have a crush on. You actually get out of the “friend zone” one day and all the waiting was totally worth it. The Mega Millions winning lottery numbers on 12/30/2016 are 6-21-33-39-43-2.

Words you live by?

What goes around comes around: Be kind and helpful to others.