Digital and technology leaders from some of the world’s most notable brand name companies gathered in Miami this week for the Oracle Global Leaders Winter Meeting. Among them was DXM Chief Technology Officer Jerry Gearding, who had the privilege of serving as a featured speaker.

DXM has become a bit of a darling in the Oracle Cloud client portfolio. Although small in size, we’re ranked as the third biggest user of data in the Oracle Bluekai marketing exchange. This has been central to unlocking customer attribution — both online and offline — to reveal an accurate marketing ROI. It’s been remarkably transformative for our clients, who not only know exactly what is working in their marketing spend and what is not, but now have access to the world’s largest data exchange.

Jerry shared our story yesterday with fellow CDOs and CTOs, and afterward was swarmed with questions about what we learned from the process and where we are headed. According to Jerry, “It’s about as close to rock star status as I’ll likely come.”

Don’t be so sure about that, Jerry. You’ve been rocking our world ever since you arrived at DXM.