Data driven marketing has been around for years but keeping up with rapid technological advancements has left most CMOs feeling left behind.

This Thursday, DXM President Ray Owens will make a command performance in Dallas, Texas to help shed light on an oft misunderstood area of handling offline data in today’s digital space. As the featured luncheon speaker at the Argyle Executive Forum conference, Ray will join Oracle’s Peter Schutt in a presentation titled “Demystifying Offline and Online Data to Innovate Marketing.” Together, Ray and Peter will discuss how brands can get the best of both worlds by utilizing offline and online data to gain a competitive advantage as well as a clear vision of ROI and Customer Acquisition costs. Ray will present a few case studies in the financial services, real estate and healthcare sectors to demonstrate how leveraging custom built predictive models with real time deployment gives brands across a variety of verticals a leg up in today’s ever changing marketing landscape.

If you’re fortunate enough to be a member of Argyle Executive Forum and plan to attend Ray’s presentation this week, outstanding! If you’re not but would like a little demystification of your own, contact us and let’s talk about your data marketing needs.