The past 18 months have brought some exciting changes to DX Marketing!

DX Marketing Jerry GeardingFirst, we secured the rights to maintain and manage a massive US Household data set from one of the world’s leading data purveyors. From there we partnered with industry-leader Oracle to store the data in its cloud service, and we also gained exclusive “agency” status within its powerful BlueKai network to marry our data with that of other global brand marketers. As a result, we now overlay our lists with more than 30,000 data variables (versus merely 600), and we’ve improved our customers’ time to market by 70 percent.

It’s truly taken a village to produce all of this positive growth and momentum, but one individual who has been particularly crucial at guiding our team is Jerry Gearding. As our senior data engineer, Jerry was chiefly responsible for integrating DX’s massive data banks into the Oracle Marketing Cloud platform, and configuring myriad overlays of data mining and advance visualization tools.

“Jerry has been instrumental in elevating DX Marketing from a regional direct marketing company to a true industry leader for advanced predictive analytics and targeted marketing,” says DXM President Ray Owens.

Because of this, the DXM management team is proud to announce that Jerry is our new Chief Technology Officer. His leadership will help ensure DXM remains at the forefront of the constantly changing and increasingly complex world of Big Data, and that we continue to drive more profitable customers to the clients we serve.