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Content Marketing Is A Golden Opportunity for Urgent Cares
As a borderline hypochondriac whose wife recently had a baby, I have spent my fair share of time typing symptoms, real and possibly imagined, into Google’s search box in hopes of finding useful information. I am not alone, apparently. According to a Pew Internet survey, searching for health-related information ranks up there with checking e-mail as one of the most popular activities on the Internet. So what does this mean for the Urgent Care industry? Well, to butcher a line from Field of Dreams, it means that if you write it, they will read it.

Providing accurate, relevant and thoughtful content is one of the most effective ways for an urgent care provider to simultaneously build brand awareness, build brand credibility, and engage their local community.

Is it time consuming to develop professional and accurate content? Yes. Can it be done cost effectively? Yes. And even better, once the content is produced there are multiple ways to realize its value.

An integrated content distribution strategy can boost the value and effectiveness of your content exponentially. For instance, content can be used to engage with existing patients through a newsletter (print and/or electronic), periodic e-blasts, or social media posts. The same content can also be posted online to a blog, and provide a meaningful boost to your site in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Content can also be used for reaching prospective patients through paid media, like Facebook ads, Twitter posts and native advertising. All three of these ad channels have proven to be incredibly effective in not only generating click-throughs, but also in converting those visitors once they reach the content landing page. In fact, a recent campaign managed on behalf of one of our urgent care clients generated a 3.5% click-through rate and a 4% conversion rate.

The topic? "How to Treat Dry Skin" - useful, timely, and most importantly, relatable.

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