Simplifying the Complex with Programmatic Advertising

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New technologies often rise on the promise of making things simpler, better, and cheaper. Over time, we learn that they often do make things better, and even cheaper, but rarely do things remain simple for long. Consider the advertising marketplace, which once seemed pretty straightforward (network TV ads for all!). Back then marketers had limited knowledge of who saw their ads and how prospects responded. Today, marketers can target specific pools of customers and track their activity, yet managing a variety of social, web, and mobile programs makes the old days of TV’s hegemony seem quaintly appealing. Companies like Google contend that things will get easier, thanks to new analytics and programmatic marketplaces. More likely, the industry will become more effective at targeting the right message to the right person in the right way, but it will also become more complex.

DX Marketing has been making use of programmatic advertising with great effect over the past 12 months and the results have been remarkable. However, experience has shown us that its promises of maximizing ROI are empty without highly knowledgeable and sophisticated analytics. After all, it takes a blend of machine-learning technologies (like artificial intelligence) and marketer’s intuition (predictive analytics) for programmatic advertising to effectively hit the right audience at the right time to drive higher-quality leads.

“Programmatic is extremely efficient in its ability to pair rich audience data with ad inventory and targeting,” says DX Marketing President Ray Owens, “but it requires equal ability on the human front to accurately read data to predict audience behaviors. Having both of these elements is what maximizes customer acquisition and ROI for our clients.”

Programmatic advertising works by plugging in information about campaign goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). This sets the campaign into motion, which starts small using predictive analysis and evolves from there based on what’s working. This gets to the KPIs faster with fewer wasted dollars.

DX Marketing’s approach goes several steps deeper than traditional programmatic campaigns because we have access to both online and offline data. Through our strategic partnerships with the world’s largest data providers, we have unparalleled access to the latest demographic, lifestyle, financial and credit models available. Our best-in-class data warehouse connects the entire U.S consumer file with the world’s largest digital exchange. This enables us to track a customer’s path to purchase from their home, online and back to your purchase funnel. DXM uses predictive analytics, modeling and exclusive in-market data to ensure that the right customer gets the right message at the right time.

Here’s an example of how we recently put the process to work for one of our real estate clients:
Audience Discovery – First, we analyzed residents and leads, as well as recent buyers in similar communities, and built a predictive lead acquisition model based on the most common attributes.

Identifying the Prospects – Once built, we projected that model into the populations of the known “feeder” states for this area, including several in the northeast and Midwest, and identified several million likely prospects for targeting.

Targeting the Prospects – Once identified, we loaded those pre-qualified offline prospects into our digital exchange and targeted them with ads across all digital channels and devices.

Knowing Their Triggers - Using a number of data categories, we identified their attributes and watched for them to exhibit behavior signifying intent or interest in buying a home, such as searching on or researching mortgage rates. By accessing data provided by some of the nation’s largest real estate providers and financial institutions, we got a clear understanding of where consumers were in the decision-making process and served ads with messaging that spoke to their needs.

Obviously, a ton of experience, training, thought, and collaboration (sprinkled with a little magic!) goes into producing these kinds of results. Yes, we do make it simpler, better, and cheaper for our clients, but don’t be fooled by Google’s promises that programmatic advertising is the easy answer to your advertising dilemmas. We know better and you do, too.

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