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In today’s competitive marketplace, CMOs are bombarded by companies promising world-class data, analytics, and digital marketing capabilities. And as CTO here at DX Marketing, I’m not ashamed to admit that we too make those same claims. The biggest difference between us and so many others is we not only talk the talk - we walk the walk. What sets DXM apart from the competition is a robust, enterprise level data tool set and our innovative relationships with world-class data and technology partners. Few agencies have the access and resources to match both.

Everything we do at DXM starts with data. Those of us in IT are all too familiar with the phrase “garbage in…garbage out.” You must have quality data, otherwise everything else that follows is a waste of time and money. Our vast, in-house consumer data warehouse has a wealth of the highest quality data available. Hey, I saw you rolling your eyes! Seriously, it IS the highest quality data because we obtain it from none other than industry leader Epsilon, with whom we’ve had a decades long relationship. Today, our warehouse houses 800+ targeting attributes profiling over 190 million U.S. households and 275 million individuals. We also refresh our data every 6 weeks to ensure it's the most recent on record - no garbage here.

“Okay,” you ask, “so you have the highest quality data available. How do I know you can make sense of it to develop the strategies that will help grow my business?” I’m glad you asked! At DXM, we supply our data scientists with the latest data mining, analytics, and predictive modeling tools from THE name in Big Data … Oracle. Those tools allow us to both understand your current customers and predict which prospects out there are most likely to become new customers.

But, wait, there’s more! DX is one of just a handful of agencies in the entire country with a seat license inside Oracle’s BlueKai, the world’s largest data exchange housing over 38,000 different unique segments. Categories include consumer purchase history, online behavior, interests, television viewing preferences, and multiple in-market triggers. Those triggers allow us to send targeted advertising to someone who has shown recent intent (within 2 to 30 days) to purchase your item or service. We then take that data and layer it onto the original group of highly qualified prospects from our Consumer Data Warehouse (the one mentioned earlier from Epsilon) to create an unparalleled view of your prospect. Oh, and did I mention that we are the ONLY agency in the BlueKai Exchange with a multi-domain seat license? This means that all other seat licensees – including global brands such as Visa, Verizon, and Mayflower – use the exchange for their marketing purposes only. Our multi-domain license allows us to access the exchange on behalf of all our clients, which affords them something they would never have the resources to do on their own. This, along with our combination of offline and online data, makes DXM truly unique in our industry for targeted acquisition and retention programs.

“Ok, where do I sign up?” I know, right?!? And I haven’t even gotten around to telling you about how our digital marketing and campaign strategists step in and develop custom digital marketing playbooks that target the digital channels that make most sense for each campaign; whether it’s targeted display, PPC, or social.

So now you see why DX isn’t your average digital marketing company. We are a small company who thinks BIG and we take pride in providing our unique big data tool set to our clients to help achieve their business and marketing goals, and get the most from their marketing dollar.

If you’re ready to share in the wealth, email me at or call (912) 234-4122 and ask to speak to one of our business development managers.

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