Employee Spotlight: Emmy Ray

Emmy Ray
Voted most likely to be caught watching a goat video while eating Sour Patch Kids is our account manager Emmy Ray.

Emmy brings her southern accent and fun attitude to our client services team as senior account manager.

1. Tell us the story of how your parents picked your name.
I was thought to be a boy – Matthew. Surprise!! My parents were shocked and hadn’t even thought of a girl name. I stayed in the hospital as “baby girl Fowler” for close to 5 days. They wanted to release my mom but couldn’t until she named me, so my grandmothers name is Emma and they went to write Emma but at the last minute changed it to Emily…along with every other girl born in ’84, ’85 and ’86. I guess I didn’t look like an Emily, so when I was in daycare the teachers started calling me Emmy and the rest is history!

2. I can’t work without __________.
I can’t work without fun and supportive co-workers…and snacks. Lots of snacks!

3. Song you can’t get out of your head currently?
I am currently digging Chis Stapleton’s Fire Away; I blame my husband.

4. What’s your favorite sweet treat?
Favorite sweet treat would be sour patch kids or Reese’s peanut butter eggs!

5. If i could tell my 19 year old self anything it would be….
Be more carefree, travel more and take more risks!! You’re going to turn out fine and you have PLENTY of time to grow up and be an adult.

6. Words you live by?
“Don’t pet the sweaty stuff, and don’t sweat the petty stuff”

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