DX Marketing Teams With Oracle To Cultivate Big Data

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As a young child, DXM president Ray Owens, would spend hours in his room listening to the Beatles, playing with data, and dreaming of one day being quoted in an industry-leading, data-centric trade publication.

Well, last week that dream became reality… Seriously though, this feature in Big Data Quarterly (BDQ) magazine is a great testament to the hard work and investment DXM has put into improving an already robust foundation of data analytics and modeling capabilities. And catching the eye of both Oracle and BDQ certainly tells us we’ve got something pretty special going on down here in Savannah.

So what does this mean for our clients? Here are some highlights from the article:

• We Have Incredible Amounts of Data At Our Fingertips…we’re talking 115 million households with 220 million individuals, and approximately 650 attributes for each consumer record!

• Faster Analysis, Profiling, and Modeling…this new structure means much shorter turn-around times, and in turn allowing our clients to get to the market even faster with customer acquisition programs.

• Powerful Digital Integrations with Oracle…DXM has leveraged this unique partnership with Oracle to gain access to the most comprehensive online data exchange in the world. In short, DXM can now provide clients with offline AND online customer intelligence, as well as acquisition programs across every digital channel.

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