DX Marketing Invited to Participate in Oracle Analyst Roundtable

DX Marketing President Ray Owens will participate in an exclusive Oracle Customer/Analyst Roundtable on January 19 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. There, more than 65 technology analysts will meet with Owens and other Oracle key customers to learn leading edge uses of Oracle’s Cloud Marketing and Storage technologies.

Oracle has one of the most comprehensive cloud networking systems in the world. DX Marketing has an exclusive agency relationship with Oracle that provides them more data and analytical tools than practically any other targeted marketing firm in the U.S. The information gives DX Marketing data scientists the ability to pinpoint new customers for clients with far greater accuracy and efficiency.

The transformative effect the Oracle Cloud partnership has had on DX Marketing’s customer acquisition capabilities over the past nine months has led to a multitude of speaking requests for Owens at various industry events. In late October, he was in San Francisco to speak at Oracle OpenWorld, the preeminent business and technology conference for data marketing industry professionals.

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