DX Marketing and Oracle Team Up For Big Data Webinar

DX Marketing Oracle Big Data Webinar
To answer the big data questions asked by CMOs around the world, Oracle has sought the advice of the most authoritative voice it knows: DX Marketing.

On Monday, October 17, our CTO Jerry Gearding and Senior Data Scientist Michelle Plecha will co-present an Oracle webinar entitled “Delivering Campaign Marketing Efficiencies Using Advanced Analytics.” Together, they will take participants on a deep dive into DXM’s process of using Oracle Advanced Analytics to deliver more customer conversions for our clients, and at far faster rates.

Open to all Oracle Global Leaders members — most of whom are global brand leading CMOs — the webinar will reveal a variety of modeling techniques DXM performs with Oracle Advanced Analytics, including data discovery and decisions, algorithms, scoring, and data visualization.

Michelle will speak to the power of Advanced Analytics when interpreting confidential client data, second party data, Bluekai data, and using the Oracle Marketing Cloud to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Jerry will share how the Oracle Database 12c on the Cloud enables elasticity, ease of growth, and maintenance for different life cycles and scenarios. He’ll also cover the cost savings and time streamlining benefits. All of these processes combined allow a 360-degree view of the customer so we can create laser-focused marketing campaigns in real time.

If you’re not an Oracle Global Leaders member (or even a global brand for that matter), fret not! We’re happy to share our secrets with you. Most of our clients are super regional brands looking for enterprise level data analytics and customer acquisition campaigns. So if you’re not 100% certain you’re getting the most return out of your data marketing investment, give us a call or drop us an email.

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