Clicks vs. Customers: Post-Philadelphia CMO Think Tank Wrap Up

Ray_Owens_DXMarketing_ArgyleCMO_Union League Club_ Philadelphia
Old Meets New in the City of Brotherly Love Last week’s Argyle CMO Think Tank held at the Union League Club in Philadelphia was definitely a study in contrasts. Completed in 1865, the brick and brownstone structure provided DX Marketing President Ray Owens and other prominent brand marketing leaders an historic backdrop from which to share their insight on the latest techniques in digital marketing.

Union Club in Philadelphia, PA
Union League Club, Philadelphia, PA

At one point during the discussion, one of the more than two dozen attendees asked Ray a question that he usually asks his own clients: "What are some of the biggest pain points your organization is facing for marketing?" His response surprised nearly everyone in the room. Bypassing more expected answers such as “driving an integrated customer experience” or “knowing your customers,” Ray explained that DXM's biggest challenge is educating marketing executives to look at the digital space differently.

“DX Marketing looks at the digital experience from a conversion metric instead of clicks,” said Ray. “We use the digital channel to deliver acquisition models on-line and then combine them with purchase triggers before deploying marketing messages. With this real-time approach, our conversion rates have skyrocketed.

“Unfortunately, marketing execs have been trained by Google to measure everything by clicks and impressions. As a result, even though we deliver far higher customer conversion rates, we wind up having to defend our model because clicks and impressions are typically lower than they were with the client’s old display ad buying model. It’s challenging, but in the end most clients get it when we ask them, “Would you rather have one million clicks with 10 conversions or 100,000 clicks with 20 conversions?”

Good question, right? If you’re still buying CPM's using standard display methodology, contact DXM to find out how our digital display model can help you acquire more customers by using the right message at the right moment with the right media.

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