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Oracle Markies

DXM Nominated for Two Global Markie Awards

Global data technology giant Oracle has named DX Marketing (DXM) a finalist in two separate categories of its annual Markie Awards competition.

For over a decade, Oracle’s Markie Awards have recognized innovation and excellence in data-driven modern marketing, shining a spotlight on organizations who have delivered superior customer experiences with technology, expertise and creativity. Last year, DXM was a finalist in the Markie Awards’ “Best Use of Data” category. This year’s competition is comprised of 19 categories.

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Millenials vs. Centennials

Don’t Be Misled by Generational Characterizations

Millennials get too much credit. There, I said it. In just the past week alone I’ve personally read about or heard someone berating Millennials for eating Tidepods; praising them for their efforts to ignite change in our nation’s gun laws; and chastising them for being “snowflakes.”

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Analytics and Data Summit 2018

Finding Wisdom at the Summit of Analytics and Data

On March 21, DXM CEO Ray Owens and CTO Jerry Gearding will be among a select group of BI, data and analytics pacesetters invited to speak at the 2018 Analytics and Data Summit. The annual global conference organized by Oracle attracts some of the most prolific leaders in Business Intelligence, IT, data and analytics. Ray and Jerry will co-present on a topic they have mastered: how to achieve maximum results using multiple Oracle products.

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