Oracle Markies

DXM Nominated for Two Global Markie Awards

Global data technology giant Oracle has named DX Marketing (DXM) a finalist in two separate categories of its annual Markie Awards competition.

For over a decade, Oracle’s Markie Awards have recognized innovation and excellence in data-driven modern marketing, shining a spotlight on organizations who have delivered superior customer experiences with technology, expertise and creativity. Last year, DXM was a finalist in the Markie Awards’ “Best Use of Data” category. This year’s competition is comprised of 19 categories.

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Millenials vs. Centennials

Don’t Be Misled by Generational Characterizations

Millennials get too much credit. There, I said it. In just the past week alone I’ve personally read about or heard someone berating Millennials for eating Tidepods; praising them for their efforts to ignite change in our nation’s gun laws; and chastising them for being “snowflakes.”

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Analytics and Data Summit 2018

Finding Wisdom at the Summit of Analytics and Data

On March 21, DXM CEO Ray Owens and CTO Jerry Gearding will be among a select group of BI, data and analytics pacesetters invited to speak at the 2018 Analytics and Data Summit. The annual global conference organized by Oracle attracts some of the most prolific leaders in Business Intelligence, IT, data and analytics. Ray and Jerry will co-present on a topic they have mastered: how to achieve maximum results using multiple Oracle products.

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DX Marketing in Miami

DXM Rockin’ the Tech World in Miami

Digital and technology leaders from some of the world’s most notable brand name companies gathered in Miami this week for the Oracle Global Leaders Winter Meeting. Among them was DXM Chief Technology Officer Jerry Gearding, who had the privilege of serving as a featured speaker.

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Oracle Openworld 2017

Bare Metal Cloud, Sugar Ray, and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt… A Few of Our Favorite Things at Openworld

Previously, we reported that DXM was a proud recipient of the 2017 Oracle Small Business Customer Innovation Award, a prestigious designation that still has us beaming. The award was presented by Oracle Chief Information Officer Mark Sunday during the tech giant’s biggest annual global event, Openworld. This four-day data “geek fest” is held each year in San Francisco and features thousands of exhibitors, hundreds of workshops and sessions, and keynotes from some of the world’s most recognized business and industry leaders. Approximately 60,000 people from across the globe attended this year’s Openworld, including six from DXM.

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2017 Oracle SMB Customer Innovation Award

DX Marketing Wins 2017 SMB Customer Innovation Award

Oracle CIO Mark Sunday presents members of DX Marketing with the 2017 SMB Customer Innovation Award at Oracle Openworld this week. Pictured L to R are: Bill Reynolds, Melissa Goodwin, Oracle CIO Mark Sunday, DXM CEO Ray Owens, Jerry Gearding, Emily Blair and Matt Owens.

Data technology giant Oracle has named DX Marketing (DXM) a winner of the 2017 SMB Customer Innovation Award. The award was presented by Oracle CIO Mark Sunday at a ceremony held Wednesday during the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

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The Value of Data Visualization By Sarah Brich, Design Technologist

Recently, we posted about the value of GIS Mapping and its ability to bring clarity to otherwise complex or confusing data. Mapping is just one element of a broader term known as data visualization (a.k.a. data viz), the use of images to represent information. Those rings on an Apple Watch? Data visualization. The battery icon on your phone? It, too, is data visualization, showing you, at a glance, how much battery power is left. Although data visualization traces its roots to the 2nd Century, these modern-day examples testify to its manifestation in society today.

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Got a Map For That? by David Orsi, GIS Specialist

When people get lost, the first thing they search for is a map. Its “birds eye view” provides clarity through direction and perspective that helps us reach our destination. But have you ever stopped to think why maps are so effective? Because ninety-nine percent of human brains are hardwired to process information graphically as opposed to numerically.
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Welcome Katya

Shirokova Joins DX Marketing

Savannah-based DXM Marketing (DXM) has hired Katya Shirokova as office manager, responsible for a variety of administrative and accounting duties.
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How to Track Online Data to Offline Sales: The Holy Grail of Digital KPIs by Lauren Oliver

When it comes to measuring ROI of digital ad spending, e-commerce brands seem to make a better go of it. The ease and accuracy of digital display measurement against online sales makes standard metrics such as click counts, click-through rates (CTR), reach, engagement time and cost per acquisition (CPR) perfect KPIs for measuring campaign performance and providing directional data for campaign optimization. And, why wouldn’t it? Once the buyer hits the shopping cart with payment information and reveals their shipping address, those e-retailers are off and running with a wealth of conversion data beyond digital campaign metrics! Who purchased, monetary gains, seasonality, trends and cross selling opportunities are just a few of the data points that will also fuel future CRM programs.
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DX Marketing Adds Rob Herold to Predictive Analytics & Insights Team

Rob Herold has joined DX Marketing as Senior Data Scientist. In this role, Herold brings his vast knowledge of Advanced Analytical techniques to DX Marketing’s Predictive Analytics & Insights team. Based in Savannah, Ga., DX Marketing is a full-service targeted marketing firm fueled by data analytics, predictive and customer modeling, and digital marketing.
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Employee Spotlight: Lisa Owens

With over 20 years of agency experience, Lisa Owens has worked with national and regional healthcare, retail, and luxury real estate development brands.
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DX Marketing_YahooFinance

Oracle Announces Platform Innovation Award Winners

This week at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle honored the winners of the 2016 Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation Awards. This prestigious group of recipients is using Oracle's PaaS and IaaS services in new and innovative ways to transform their businesses, drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage. Read more
DX Marketing Oracle Award

DX Marketing Earns Global Award from Oracle

Our heads are in the clouds today, having learned last night that DX Marketing (DXM) was bestowed a coveted Oracle Excellence Award at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 being held in San Francisco this week. We took the top spot in the Cloud Platform Innovation - Data Management category!
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DX Marketing Employee News

Welcome Melissa Goodwin to the DX Marketing team!

“Melissa has a passion for research and data mining,” says DXM President Ray Owens. “Her enthusiasm for developing laser sharp targeted marketing campaigns is contagious, which makes her perfectly suited for leadership at DXM.”
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Sharing the Wealth

In today’s competitive marketplace, CMOs are bombarded by companies promising world-class data, analytics, and digital marketing capabilities. And as CTO here at DX Marketing, I’m not ashamed to admit that we too make those same claims. The biggest difference between us and so many others is we not only talk the talk - we walk the walk. Read more
DX Marketing_SOUTH Magazine feature

The Face of Intelligent Marketing

Meet Ray Owens - Whether it’s a marketing epiphany derived from a deep-dive into customer data, or a little known anecdote about the Beatles (or really any band, for that matter), Ray Owens and his team at DX Marketing love flexing their mental muscles to impress clients. Read more

A Fresh Look at Oracle’s Marketing Cloud

DX Marketing is "firmly in the acquisition space," said Owens. Owens estimates that, using Blue Kai as data partner, the cost of customer acquisition for their clients has been reduced from $320 to $32--a result he described as "eye opening." Read more

DX Marketing Founder / CEO Ray Owens chosen to speak at medical & urgent care conference

Ray Owens will present at the 2016 Merchant Medicine ConvUrgentCare Strategy Symposium this January in Scottsdale, AZ. We at DX Marketing know our stuff when it comes to targeted marketing and data analytics - especially with regards to urgent care centers. The attendees are sure to come away with a mountain of information about how we help our clients both retain their existing customers and bring new ones through the door. Read more
keyboard graphic

Digital Basics for Urgent Care

It's easy to get lost in the sea of technical jargon when it comes to digital marketing - acronyms like SEO, SEM, and PPC are thrown around as if everyone just stepped out of a digital marketing seminar.

Let us boil it down for you. Everything an urgent care provider needs to know when it comes to building a strong digital foundation can be summed up in one statement: Read more

DX Marketing Improves Service with Oracle Cloud Solution

“When we looked down the road at how we could house this much data, how we could get quick access to it, and how we could build analytics around it, routines around it, we realized we needed a pretty big solution to pull that off,” said Ray Owens, CEO of DX Marketing. Read more
drive time analysis visualization

Location Intelligence

Drive Smart Business Decision
Writer’s Note: As I prepare to make yet another Field of Dreams reference in a blog post, I realize it’s probably time to expand my library of film quotes…BUT, it was too relevant to pass up.

"Build it and they will come," may be a great philosophy if you’re Kevin Costner and looking to attract a dugout full of deceased baseball players to a cornfield in Iowa, but if you're looking to relocate or open a new business location, you'll probably want to do a little more research.
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content marketing for web success

The Value of Good Content

Content Marketing Is A Golden Opportunity for Urgent Cares
As a borderline hypochondriac whose wife recently had a baby, I have spent my fair share of time typing symptoms, real and possibly imagined, into Google’s search box in hopes of finding useful information. I am not alone, apparently. According to a Pew Internet survey, searching for health-related information ranks up there with checking e-mail as one of the most popular activities on the Internet. Read more

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