Call it “Opening the Black Box,” or call it a “Data Revolution.” Just trust us. We can tell you more about your customers than you've ever known.

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Premium Digital Data

Our DataXchange has over 700 million online behavioral profiles and 45,000+ data segments from the world’s most trusted data brands, like Mastercard, Epsilon, and Experian, as well as exclusive In-Market data from BlueKai. Once we add in your 1st party data, from CRM files to website visitors, we’ll provide you with an unmatched view of your customers and prospects, telling you things like what they’ve bought in the past, what they are currently buying, and most importantly, what they are most likely to buy in the future.

Suffice to say, the resulting analyses will really make you want to shout!


The long and winding road of data can lead even the most savvy of marketers astray. Luckily, we know more about it than most. And more importantly, beyond simply understanding data, we know to leverage it to drive customer acquisition and retention through more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Put simply, we do more than talk about data; we deliver results. Measurable results.

Our job is not done until we close the loop and measure the effectiveness of a campaign. Whether it's matching responses, conversions, return on investment, or calculating lifetime value - our data analytics team gleans insight from every campaign metric, and then advises on how to increase returns and make smarter overall marketing decisions.

Location intelligence is more than reading a map - it's one of the most powerful tools available to businesses today, and our capabilities are unrivaled in the industry. From site selection analysis to custom trade area and proximity studies, we give you insight into your markets, or even your potential markets, that result in smarter business decisions.


It's taken a tremendous amount of energy and resources to build your database of loyal and engaged customers who are sold on your brand. Wouldn't it be nice to target your marketing to more people like them, and just let the rest of the world go by?

That's what we do. We'll help you turn that list of your best customers into a list of your most promising prospects. Our Customer Predictive Analysis compares your customer file to a select consumer database, and then finds new prospects that mirror your best customers, and ranks them based on how likely they are to become your customer.

When it comes to data accuracy, we stand alone. Through our strategic partnerships with the world's largest data providers, we have access to the latest demographic, lifestyle, financial, and credit models available. And more importantly, we know how to translate those models into direct marketing campaigns that will increase customer retention and response.


For all of the talk about business analytics and marketing intelligence, there's often a lack of action that follows. When it comes to Big Data, we think Eric Clapton said it best... it's in the way that you use it.

We bridge the gap between intelligence and execution with strategies developed to align with your business goals. From direct marketing and digital, to public relations and other targeted marketing initiatives, we make sure all of your efforts are integrated into a singular strategic approach that will deliver results.

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