Digital Marketing

It all starts with the data. Your data.
From there we develop and execute digital strategies targeting your audience.
The right message, at the right time, on any device... constantly measured, optimized and integrated with your offline marketing tactics.
It's where old school and high-tech come together to drive results.

Informed Prospect Targeting

Smart, Dynamic, Creative.

Using data-driven insight and modeled profiles, we identify the prospects most likely to become your customers, and target them with digital campaigns across platforms and devices... taking them from a face in the crowd to a loyal customer, using search, web display ads, mobile ads, and Facebook.

Targeted Multi-Platform Campaigns

With access to more than 700 million individual profiles and 34,000 data segments, we can build the most precise target audiences in the market. And even better, we can take those segments and execute campaigns across every channel and platform, from display and mobile, to video and social.

In-Market Targeting

Through our exclusive In-Market data, we can target active shoppers across key verticals like travel, automotive, retail and real estate, allowing you to get the right ad to the right person at the right time.

Direct Display

The next big thing in direct marketing is here…or as we like to say, Papa's got a brand new bag. We take your offline audience and prospect data, identify them online, and target them across the web. The best part? No more guessing on your return. We can match your sales (offline and online) results back to that data and give you a true ROI on your digital spend.

Through audience segmentation and targeted creative, Direct Display is a powerful stand-alone tactic, or compliment to direct mail campaigns, reinforcing the message and cost effectively increasing frequency.

CRM Marketing

It all starts with the data. Your data.

Whether you're looking to upsell, cross-sell, increase customer loyalty, or simply say “Come Back,” we can leverage your existing customer data and develop effective digital campaigns using web display, social networks, and e-mails.

SEO and Local Search

In short, when people are looking for you, we'll make sure you are the man at the top. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation for generating traffic and ensuring your website is highly ranked, making it easy for your existing and potential customers to find you when they are actively searching on sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

And when they turn to their mobile device for directions, phone numbers or reviews, a proactive Local Citations strategy will ensure your business listings are up to date and accurate.

Digital Tactical Support

To make sure your digital results are getting better all the time, we offer a full-range of services, including:

  • Campaign Management – professionally managed digital campaigns, including optimization, A|B testing, and creative design
  • Landing Page Development – campaign-specific custom landing pages designed to track conversions, and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Content Marketing – professionally written content to engage your audience, and build trust and credibility with your brand.

Audience Analysis

Leveraging your 1st party data, offline or online, we give you an in-depth view of your customers and site visitors... real-time, real data, real results

Audience Scoring & Channel Analysis

Using a "smart pixel," we provide you with an ongoing analysis of your web traffic, enabling you to evaluate multi-platform campaigns and compare visitor attributes throughout the year. Find out if you are driving the right people to your website.

Creative Optimization

Leveraging detailed audience insights, our creative team can work with you or your agency to ensure that the most relevant creative, messaging, and content is delivered in your retargeting and prospecting campaigns.

Revenue Generation Programs

Our turn–key revenue generation program allows publishers and event organizers to increase existing advertising and sponsorship dollars by monetizing both their offline and online data safely and securely.

Cloud-Based Data Brokering Marketplace

Built on our market–leading platform, our data marketplace allows clients with complementary audiences to share data and use it to execute targeted campaigns or model larger audiences to scale — all in a protected and transparent environment.

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