Steve Owens

Steve Owens

In 1992 Steve began his career with Southern Marketing, the company that would eventually become DX Marketing. His first position was envelope technician, aka the art of opening and inserting material into a standard #10 envelope. After eventually mastering that, he then steadily progressed through a majority of the other departments including delivery driver, production manager, customer service, sales, and finally on to General Manager of the print production facility. You can usually find him running the halls of DX ensuring everything is processed, printed, and delivered on time.

When not at work, Steve enjoys golfing with his wife and watching Arrested Development reruns. In fact, the sport coat he is wearing in his photo was actually worn by an actor on season 2, episode 14 entitled "Immaculate Election". He has also, on occasion, been caught in the rain drinking a Pina Colada.

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