Selena Anderson

Selena Anderson

Selena’s been with DX Marketing for over 13 years – longer than almost anyone else on staff! She was our key Manager of Account Services Team for several of those years, along with taking account lead for our largest clients. With our transition to more agency style services as well as bringing so much data in house, she was an easy choice to be our VP of Data Services.

She currently oversees our cloud based data warehouse platforms, as well as leading a team of data scientists, data engineers, GIS analysts, and data geeks. Also, if you walk into Selena’s office here at DX, it’s entirely possible you might get the impression she loves a Broadway musical even more than she loves data (hint: she does). She’s actually such a fan that, since every production she’s seen earns a spot on her wall as a framed keepsake, she’s rapidly running out of real estate to hang them on. Fun fact: She’s also been known to break out into spontaneous renditions of various hits from stage and screen, but will probably deny it when asked.

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