Ray Owens

Ray Owens

Data-driven decisions are all the rage nowadays, but DX Marketing's founder and President Ray Owens has long been a numbers guy. His three decades of data analytics experience and real world customer insight form the foundation of both our capabilities as a business and our direct marketing philosophies. He realized long ago the undeniable connection between better analytics and effective marketing. In fact, that deep dive approach to growing his clients' businesses has produced national recognition, complete with their multiple appearances as a Top 15 Fastest Growing Company in Forbes Magazine. Pairing this attention to data detail with building out enterprise level data warehouses on some of Oracle's biggest platforms - both in data storage and the marketing cloud - gives DX Marketing one of the biggest tandems of offline and online data in the market today.

Whether it's location intelligence, customer acquisition, or large-scale predictive analytics, Ray has covered the industry spectrum, from major retailers, to healthcare, to restaurant and hospitality services, not to mention real estate, and the financial sector. In short, Ray has not only seen it all – he's done it all. About the only thing left is finishing his time machine and hitting the stage at Shea Stadium as a member of The Beatles. (Yes, of course we know you can't build a time machine, we're just trying to decide the best way to tell him that.)

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